The Self-Awareness & Passion Quest Membership

$497.00 / 30 days



By enrolling in this amazing coaching program, you agree that your amount for today is AU$497 (applied to the monthly membership). You will then be charged AU$497/mo for membership access every 30 days.



Join Charles Kovess for your Self-Awareness & Passion Quest and discover the path to living your most PASSIONATE life!

It is your time to grow…

  • Increase your levels of self-awareness and understand its importance and relevance to leadership
  • Discover your passion
  • Discover how to earn a living by pursuing what you are passionate about
  • Gain ideas and strategies and insights into improving work/life balance
  • Identify where you are out of balance in your mental, physical or spiritual elements and then design strategies to improve this
  • Identify the key factors that make you who you are
  • Learn how to be more agile in changing environments
  • Learn how to reduce your stress, even in the most stressful environments
  • Identify skills that you wish to develop over the next five years
  • Identify and implement strategies for weight loss and improved fitness and health
  • Identify strategies that will increase your attractiveness as an employee/team member for any organisation that you want to join
  • Gain insights into which of your strengths are worth developing, and which weaknesses you wish to overcome
  • Identify your personal philosophy as a guide to your thoughts and behaviours into the future, including the power of clarity and compassion
  • Identify your personal philosophy so you act with increased wisdom and personal power, and your life is fulfilling for you
  • Improve your strategic influencing skills, particularly by gaining new insights into human behaviour and motivation
  • Clarify your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals
  • Clarify your values and the hierarchy of these values
  • Clarify your beliefs
  • Gain additional insights into leadership qualities and behaviours
  • Identify and then harness the stimuli that will get you into action to change your behaviours and then create support mechanisms to assist you in behaving in these changed ways