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It is your time to grow...

  • Increase your levels of self-awareness and understand its importance and relevance to leadership
  • Discover your passion
  • Discover how to earn a living by pursuing what you are passionate about
  • Gain ideas and strategies and insights into improving work/life balance
  • Identify where you are out of balance in your mental, physical or spiritual elements and then design strategies to improve this
  • Identify the key factors that make you who you are
  • Learn how to be more agile in changing environments
  • Learn how to reduce your stress, even in the most stressful environments
  • Identify skills that you wish to develop over the next five years
  • Identify and implement strategies for weight loss and improved fitness and health
  • Identify strategies that will increase your attractiveness as an employee/team member for any organisation that you want to join
  • Gain insights into which of your strengths are worth developing, and which weaknesses you wish to overcome
  • Identify your personal philosophy as a guide to your thoughts and behaviours into the future, including the power of clarity and compassion
  • Identify your personal philosophy so you act with increased wisdom and personal power, and your life is fulfilling for you
  • Improve your strategic influencing skills, particularly by gaining new insights into human behaviour and motivation
  • Clarify your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals
  • Clarify your values and the hierarchy of these values
  • Clarify your beliefs
  • Gain additional insights into leadership qualities and behaviours
  • Identify and then harness the stimuli that will get you into action to change your behaviours and then create support mechanisms to assist you in behaving in these changed ways

What a difference YOUR QUEST will make to your life!

You are in the right place to explore and discover the steps to take you to where you want to go. Charles Kovess is here to personally assist you, backed up by his unique and amazing 45 years’ of business and life experience. This program is designed and presented by Charles and is simple, targeted and effective. It is focused on quality, not quantity, of information.

Overview of Program

  • Monthly workbook and reading material
  • Live monthly group online coaching session
  • Weekly reminders to help you maintain momentum
  • Two 15-min one-on-one coaching sessions with Charles each month
  • Charles will answer your email questions to support your Quest

Start your Self-Awareness & Passion Quest and have a different experience of life!

Start your journey of self-discovery and improved performance so you can live a happier and more satisfying life. A PASSIONATE life!

Explore new ways, with new awareness.

Define your philosophy and ensure you act with greater wisdom.

We create new strategies, methods and techniques.

We identify the changes that will make the big differences.

Gain insights into ways to balance the key elements of your life.

Develop personal action plans that you implement.

Identify the support that will ensure you implement your plan and strategies.

What my clients say about working with me...

I first saw you 10 years ago at a seminar in Brighton, (I think) Melbourne on the invitation of my then GM Craig Whitfield. I bought your book that day & also received a free CD which I have listened to countless times in the car. In a world lacking in accountability & self protection, I use your principals now with my staff to give them the direction that your strategies have given me. Thanks for the email & keep up the good work!!! Kind regards, Craig Comline A Passion Provocateur Follower
Craig Comline
Thanks Charles, I have heard you a couple of times and I just love your perspective. You fill people’s fuel tanks with energy and provide mental stimulus within a structure. Thanks for spreading your passion! It truly works!
Paul Harrison
Dear Charles, Thank you very much for the information. I have a mentor who gave me your book “Passionate people produce” as a present and it has changed my life. It has inspired me to see things at work so differently. Being a South African in an Australian workplace has been quite an adjustment and a positive experience. Now that I am once again a manager, I’ll definitely do things differently this time round. I appreciate the information, thanks.
Charmaine Langley

Start your Quest now

Your Quest will start immediately upon registration. 

I will send you detailed information via email including your first workbook. 

You will be automatically registered for your first group-coaching online session. These sessions are presented live and run for one-two hours. I will be presenting on one of the 12 key topics each month and you have the freedom to participate and ask questions throughout. Your identity and privacy can be easily maintained or you can be totally open: the choice is yours each month. 

Group coaching sessions will have a maximum of 12 participants. 

I am also making myself available to you for two 15-minute one-on-one coaching calls between the monthly group sessions. These sessions are included in your Quest membership. You will be amazed at the amount of additional clarity that can be achieved in these individual coaching sessions.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Just give me one week’s notice so I can process your request. Please note that once you cancel your membership, you will not be eligible to rejoin my program for a six-month period. 

I am excited to work with you.

Quest Membership

$ 497
Per Month