Working with Charles

In-person sessions

For in-person life coaching sessions, Charles meets with clients at his Huntingdale, Melbourne office. These sessions provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction, which can foster a deeper connection and a more personalised experience. In-person sessions also allow for nonverbal communication, which can help Charles better understand your emotional state and provide more effective support.

remote sessions

For remote life coaching sessions, clients meet with Charles virtually using online tools such as video conferencing or phone calls. Remote sessions offer greater flexibility and convenience as clients can participate from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote sessions also eliminate the need for clients to travel to a physical location, which can save time and reduce costs. While remote sessions may lack the personal touch of in-person sessions, they can be just as effective in helping you achieve your goals.

It is your time to grow...

  • Increase your levels of self-awareness and understand its importance and relevance to leadership
  • Discover your passion
    Discover how to earn a living by pursuing what you are passionate about
  • Gain ideas and strategies and insights into improving work/life balance
  • Identify where you are out of balance in your mental, physical or spiritual elements and then design strategies to improve this
  • Identify the key factors that make you who you are
  • Learn how to be more agile in changing environments
  • Learn how to reduce your stress, even in the most stressful environments
    Identify skills that you wish to develop over the next five years
  • Identify and implement strategies for weight loss and improved fitness and health
  • Clarify your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals
  • Identify strategies that will increase your attractiveness as an employee/team member for any organisation that you want to join
  • Gain insights into which of your strengths are worth developing, and which weaknesses you wish to overcome
  • Identify your personal philosophy as a guide to your thoughts and behaviours into the future, including the power of clarity and compassion
  • Identify your personal philosophy so you act with increased wisdom and personal power, and your life is fulfilling for you
  • Improve your strategic influencing skills, particularly by gaining new insights into human behaviour and motivation
  • Clarify your values and the hierarchy of these values
  • Clarify your beliefs
    Gain additional insights into leadership qualities and behaviours
  • Identify and then harness the stimuli that will get you into action to change your behaviours and then create support mechanisms to assist you in behaving in these changed ways

common questions

Charles works with clients to help them achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and create a more fulfilling life. The process typically involves a series of one-on-one sessions in which Charles and the client discuss the client’s challenges, aspirations, and progress.

The exact process of life coaching can vary depending on the client’s needs, but it generally involves the following steps:

  1. Establishing goals: Charles will work with you to identify your goals, whether they be related to career, relationships, health, or other areas of life. Charles may ask questions to help you clarify your objectives and determine what is most important to you.

  2. Creating a plan: Once your goals are established, Charles helps create a plan for achieving those goals. This plan may involve specific actions, such as developing new habits or skills, or it may involve changes in mindset or behaviour.

  3. Encouraging accountability: Charles helps you stay on track by holding you accountable for your progress. This may involve regular check-ins, goal-setting exercises, or other strategies to help you stay motivated and focused.

  4. Providing support and guidance: Throughout the coaching process, Charles provides support, guidance, and feedback. This may involve offering insights and perspective, helping you overcome obstacles or limiting beliefs, or simply being a sounding board for your ideas and concerns.

Overall, life coaching is a collaborative process in which Charles and clients work together to help the client achieve their goals and create a more fulfilling life. By providing support, guidance, and accountability, Charles helps clients stay motivated, focused, and on track towards their desired outcomes.

The length of each life coaching session can vary depending on the client’s needs. Typically, life coaching sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour. However, some clkents may need shorter or longer sessions based on the goals of the client.

It is important to note that the length of the session is not always the most important factor in determining its effectiveness. What matters most is the quality of the coaching provided and the progress made towards achieving your goals.

The frequency of sessions can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s needs, Charles’ recommendations, and the individual’s availability and financial resources.

At the beginning of your sessions, Charles will suggest a recommended frequency of sessions based on your goals and needs. This may range from once a week to once a month or even less frequently.

Yes, what is discussed in therapy sessions is considered confidential. Charles is bound by ethical and legal guidelines that require him to protect the privacy of his clients and maintain the confidentiality of the information shared in coaching sessions.

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The cost of sessions with Charles is…

The number of sessions an individual may need during life coaching can vary depending on several factors, including the nature and severity of the issues being addressed, the individual’s goals, and their level of motivation and commitment to the coaching process.

While there is no set number of sessions that will be appropriate for everyone, Charles suggests that clients commit to at least six to twelve sessions initially to assess progress and determine ongoing coaching needs. However, some individuals may require more or fewer sessions depending on their specific circumstances.

It’s important to remember that life coaching is a collaborative process, and the number of sessions needed will depend on the unique needs and goals of the individual. Factors such as the frequency of sessions and the level of engagement and participation of the individual can also impact the number of sessions needed.

Life coaching can be short-term, lasting only a few sessions, or long-term, spanning several months or even years. In general, the duration will depend on the individual’s goals, the complexity of the issues being addressed, and the progress made during sessions.

Our office address is:

210 Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale, Melbourne, Australia, 3166.

To arrange initial and subsequent life coaching sessions, contact Charkes directly via his mobile or email.

0412 317 404